About Us

Anne & Ryno

Haines Signs & Design takes great pride in all our work. We know that we’re building on our excellent reputation every time we complete a job that exceeds the expectations of our clients. We are also helping businesses across Geraldton make more money for their future and their families. That’s something to be proud of.
Our professional team will work together with you to find the right design, product and sign solutions to suit your unique requirements. Haines Signs & Design has the sign solution in Geraldton for you too! You can find the expert of eye-catching sign solutions in Geraldton.
You’ve seen our signs all over Geraldton, they’re the ones you noticed. Signs that get attention are crucial to your business! Haines Signs & Design will make sure your business stands out amongst the others with innovative, quality, cost-effective sign solutions in Geraldton and surrounding areas. Ever wanted something, then suddenly remembering while driving past a sign about it, and decided to go there? That’s the power of Haines Signs & Design’s signage, to bring you new business. That’s just one example of how sign solutions can help your business. They are the face of your business and should reflect the image you want to reflect. In short, effective sign solutions in Geraldton from Haines Signs & Design attract more customers and subsequently, more money.